August 12, 2022

How to Prepare Your Car for a Long-Distance Move?

When moving long-distance across the country, the best idea is to drive your car to the new place. If done right, your cross-country car trip will be comfortable, cost-effective, and enjoyable.

Driving your car when moving across the country is a preferable way to relocate your house with family and pets. Once your belongings are packed and ready to be loaded into the vehicle, it’s time to prepare your car. Here’s how.

Evaluate the Technical Condition of The Car

When driving long-distance, ensure your car is mechanically fit. If your car breaks down in the middle of the trip, it may be difficult to get things fixed. To prevent risking the safety and comfort of the passengers, inspect the tires for cracking and balding – each tire should have adequate air pressure.

Examine the car for any leaks and top of all car fluids, including windshield washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and engine oil. Double-check your brakes, light, battery, and car insurance.

Pack The Essential Tools and Kit

Remember to pack the standard car equipment such as tire pressure gauge, spare tire, lug wrench, and other hand tools you may need on your way. The car emergency kit should include a flashlight, first-aid kit, tow rope, emergency flares, and more. To avoid getting lost on your way, install a navigation app on your smartphone or bring a GPS device.

Tune Your Car

Consider changing your car’s oil for a long road trip. Tuning your car involves small updates that will preserve your vehicle’s quality despite carrying a heavy load. If you’re expecting weather changes along the way, replace your windshield wipers. Always focus on safety over convenience and saving money.

Wash Your Car

Washing your car also gives you a safe driving experience when moving long-distance. For example, keeping debris and streaks off your windows will help prevent accidents. If your road trip is dusty, you can pull your car through a wash station on the way.

inspecting car tires

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