August 5, 2022

Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Professional Movers

Since people relocate only a few times in their lives, it’s difficult to figure out the dos and don’ts of the moving process. This often leaves them dealing with unsafe services, fraudulent business practices, and unfair prices.

These red flags can be avoided by asking many questions before hiring them and paying any deposits. Ask the following questions to find a moving company that fulfills your requirements.

Is The Moving Company Licensed?

To avoid rogue movers and moving scams, ask if the moving company is licensed. The professional interstate moving companies are required to have a license number that’s allotted by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). The license number and complaint history of the company can be easily checked with the USDOT online.

Local moving companies relocating customers within a state are controlled by the state and not the USDOT. So local movers should have a state license. Remember that the licensing requirements and moving regulations for moving companies in each state vary.

Do They Provide Specific Moving Services, If Needed?

Some moving companies specialize in local moves, whereas others provide long-distance relocation services. Moreover, if you’re relocating to a high-rise apartment building or a townhome with no elevator, the movers must be qualified and experienced to handle all kinds of situations.

Most residential and commercial movers also provide packing, warehousing, storing, unpacking, and in-home arranging services to customers.


What Coverage Options Does the Company Offer?

Moving coverage offered by relocating companies covers the cost of your belongings that go missing or get damaged during transit. All moving companies in the United States provide basic liability coverage without any charges.

Furthermore, full-value protection covers your belongings at their current market value. If a piece of your furniture falls off the moving truck during transportation and you have FVP, you’ll be reimbursed enough to have it repaired or buy a new one of equal value. But FVP generally comes with additional charges.


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