January 27, 2023

Intrastate vs Interstate Moving – Things to Consider

You already have tons of things you need to check off your list and stay on track when you’re moving. Amidst all this, you have to figure out which moving service you’re going to need. This depends on whether you’re doing an intrastate vs interstate relocation.

In the end, various moves call for specific services, and knowing what you need for your move can help you obtain it. Let’s check out the difference between intrastate vs interstate relocation in this blog.

Intrastate Move

Local or intrastate moves are the ones that U.S. citizens do the most. It was estimated that 27.1 million people relocated in 2021. That’s about 8.4% of the U.S. population. These are typically described as any relocation that is less than 50 miles.

In such conditions, moving services charge on an hourly basis, factoring in fuel surcharge and trip duration. Some companies provide separate services for supplies (boxes, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, tape, etc.), while other companies include these services and the cost in their moving charges. Make sure you read your quote carefully to determine what services you will pay for.

Here are some services you could require if you’re thinking about a local move:

· Packing services:

If you have many items, you should look for moving companies that provide supplies and packing options.

· Expertise:

Sometimes, people choose to do some or all of the work themselves because local removals are typically easier than interstate relocation. You have the choice of renting a truck or completing some or all of your packaging before the movers arrive. DIYing might sound inexpensive but keep in mind the time requirement and the expertise that professionals provide.

a moving truck on the road


Interstate Move

A move between two different U.S. states is known as interstate relocation. These moves are charged according to the weight of the package, and the distance traveled. Such relocations are usually carried out with bigger vehicles and operators that drive Over The Road (OTR).

Some heavy equipment movers place your shipment with other belongings in interstate moves. There are a lot of services that you’ll need when you’re opting for interstate relocation companies like:

· Packing services:

If your belongings are not packed correctly, they are susceptible to harm during transit. Choose professional movers that have done interstate relocations before and know how to pack your valuables in a way that’ll protect them through the entire journey.

· Short- and Long-term storage:

When intrastate vs interstate relocation comes into play, you need to consider storage options. Interstate relocation is time-consuming and intricate, and if it isn’t done correctly the first time, it may quickly become more difficult and expensive. At times, you need to store items for a while before you move to your new residence.

Also, moving companies might offer binding quotes and standard packages. Good residential and business movers will provide customized plans that satisfy your requirements. Whether you want to move into your neighborhood or are planning to change states, Eastern Van Lines can help you out!

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