Corporate Relocation

Your Professional Corporate Relocation Services

If you’re relocating for your career, our office relocation service can help you. Our corporate team includes expert movers and moving services. Our team works closely with our customers and their employers to create personalized office moving solutions that ensure you and your belongings will arrive on time. We understand that moving to or from Orange County for your job means that everything must be handled accurately and quickly. With that in mind, as professional office movers, we will go out of our way to ensure prompt service with zero delays. We want both you and your employer to experience the difference that Eastern Van Lines can make.

Corporate Relocation Assistance

We encourage all of our corporate relocation customers to inquire about relocation assistance from their employers. This can generally be accomplished by speaking with your company’s human resources department. In some cases, employers will pay for all travel expenses related to an employee’s relocation, including moving supplies and storage, while in others, a set amount of compensation may be issued prior to the move. No matter what type of assistance plan your employer offers, our movers will be able to create a customized relocation plan that takes into account whatever type of compensation is offered.

Tips for Planning Your Corporate Relocation

• Keep all employment documents separate from your packed items • Research the new route you will be taking to work to avoid delays • Create a designated folder that will hold all of your travel receipts • Research housing options in the new area

Corporate offices are nothing like industrial warehouses and commercial offices. These offices are carefully designed, elegantly set, and boast delicate furniture and fittings. Although more aesthetic, it’s double the hassle when moving corporate offices.
Eastern Van Lines is a professional office moving company in Los Angeles. We have trained professional office movers to carry out the job perfectly for you while you can relax. Our team of workers will carefully carry your furniture, fittings, machines, and any other office property to your desired location in Los Angeles. Our services are quick, so your office won’t have to shut down for long either, hampering your business.