Furniture Liquidation

Professional Furniture Liquidation Services

Don't throw away your furniture! There may come a time when your business needs to upgrade to new furniture or equipment, and it may be tempting to simply throw out your old items. Instead, take advantage of the furniture liquidation services of Eastern Van Lines. Our furniture and equipment liquidation solutions are here to not only save you from cluttering your local landfill, but also to help you earn money. By liquidating assets, such as furniture and business equipment, your company can get cash from your unwanted items. Taking on the process of liquidation on your own can be difficult and time consuming, but with Eastern Van Lines on your side, furniture liquidation has never been easier. Our commercial moving company is the trusted leader in furniture removal.

Serving Businesses of All Sizes

No matter how much unwanted furniture you’re getting rid of, our team can handle it. We can give you a complete rundown of our liquidation solutions, remove your old furniture and equipment, sell it for you, and deliver you a check for the value. Our fees are low, and you won’t have to do anything but allow our professionals to handle the job. We also work around your schedule so that your business remains uninterrupted while we handle your furniture and equipment liquidation. We can also handle equipment disposal for you if you choose not to liquidate your assets.

Our Service Experts

The service experts and professional movers at Eastern Van Lines are hand-selected to be the best. We take the time to screen all employees before they are invited to join our team, and we only accept individuals who are committed to customer satisfaction in all that they do. Using the latest in moving supplies and technology, our team quickly responds to liquidation and removal needs for our customers. Furniture liquidation services are carried out through our various business partners, and we get cash in our customers’ pockets fast. To see if our our furniture & equipment liquidation services can help you, contact Eastern Van Lines today. Locally, you can reach us at 626-969-4292, or you can call our national number at 1-800-322-3035.