Industrial Movers

Your Professional Industrial Movers in LA

Eastern Van Lines provides industrial moving services designed to quickly and easily relocate even the largest and heaviest pieces of equipment and machinery. Your Eastern Van Lines team works closely with you to create your unique relocation plan, and our prices are always affordable. From machinery to delicate high-tech equipment, our heavy equipment movers can handle all your industrial moving needs efficiently. We understand what it takes to handle machinery moving, and we’re ready to assist you with a personalized plan today.

Our Industrial Movers

Each member of our industrial moving team has been carefully vetted prior to joining our team. We screen all of our Los Angeles County industrial movers for substance abuse, and we also run a thorough background-check on each employee to give you peace of mind. We know that you require the highest level of sensitivity when it comes tor elocating your machinery and equipment, and we can guarantee your satisfaction with our industrial movers. Our team has the tools necessary to easily and safely pack and transport all of your items to a new facility or destination. Whether you need equipment moved down the street or across the world, Eastern Van Lines has you covered with the best team and the best in moving supplies.

Our Industrial Moving Services

In addition to industrial moving, Eastern Van Lines also offers commercial moving services for offices. We can pack up all business assets and quickly transport them to your new location. Using the latest in moving supplies, we’re able to safely pack sensitive and fragile items. We use high-quality storage containers to store all items, and our facilities are all climate-controlled for added protection. We can even store your company’s belongings until you’re ready for them. Additionally, we can find storage solutions that can handle equipment and machinery of virtually any size with options of both long-term storage and short-term storage. Don’t let an industrial moving issue hold you back from business success. Contact Eastern Van Lines to see how we can quickly, easily, and affordably relocate your assets. To reach our industrial movers locally, call 626-969-4292, or you can call our national number for more information or to track a shipment at 1-800-322-3035.

Moving places is already a tough task to do yourself, and given you’re moving a factory or a warehouse, it’s kind of near impossible to do yourself. You’re only risking damages and losses.
Eastern Van Lines are industrial movers in Orange County. Our trained and experienced equipment movers know how to carry your industrial equipment and machinery safely. We have all the necessary equipment and tools to lift, carry, and transport even the heaviest of machinery and equipment to your desired location. Contact us for the best industrial moving services, and let us handle all the machinery moving while you relax and prepare for your new setup.