Long Distance Moving Services

Your Professional Long Distance Movers

If you’re relocating across the country or to another state, Eastern Van Lines is your best choice for a long distance moving company. Our team of long distance movers can quickly get you to your new destination, and we provide relocation plans for both individuals and businesses. Of course, Eastern Van Lines provides friendly long distance movers and prompt attention as all of our other services, and we can relocate you seven days a week. We understand the unique nature of long distance moving, and our team will work with you to create a customized relocation plan that fits your needs and your schedule.

The Technology to Keep Track

Each relocation we perform is monitored using the latest in advanced logistics and GPS technology. We’re able to pinpoint the exact location of all of our transport vehicles and shipment, and this allows us to stay ahead of potential delays. Our long distance moving company can reroute our transport trucks and shipments if a delay is expected, meaning you receive your items on time. We understand that you’ve got a lot going on during a move, so our Los Angeles County long distance movers handle all the hard work for you. Our team never wants you to be inconvenienced, and we work hard to provide accurate, prompt service.

Long Distance Moving Tips

•If this is a corporate relocation, check with your employer for any financial assistance benefits •Keep all important documents on your person, avoid packing these documents •Map out your new route to work using the Internet in order to avoid delays on your first day •If you have children, research schools in your new area to decide which will be best for them to attend

Long Distance Storage

If you’re not quite ready for your items to be delivered just yet, Eastern Van Lines can store them in one of our convenient storage facilities. We employ extensive security and fire prevention technology to protect our customers’ belongings, and our units are climate-controlled for added safety. Once you’re ready for your items to be delivered, our long distance movers can quickly bring your storage container directly to your new home or apartment. Learn more about long distance moving by calling Eastern Van Lines today. We can be reached locally at 626-969-4292, or you can call our national phone number at 1-800-322-3035.