August 26, 2022

Your Financial Guide to Moving To a New State

According to reports, nearly 7.6 million Americans relocated to a different state in 2018-2019. This represents 1.5% of the total population of the United States.

From the housing market and tax considerations to employment outlook and the estimated cost of moving, there are various factors to consider when moving to another state. The best way to get through the move process is by understanding how to plan your finances for the move.

Employment Outlook

The most affordable way of moving to a new state is by seeking your employer’s support. Most established organizations pay some or all of their employee’s moving expenses and may also provide a housing stipend.

However, if your company doesn’t offer financial assistance for the relocation expenses, an immediate income will help minimize your financial stress. If you’re planning to move without a job, save money to cover living expenses for at least three months, research the job market in the new city, and create a budget for the move.

Planning a Budget

A cross-country move project costs approximately $3,500 – based on an average traveling distance of 1,000 miles and a weight of 7,000 pounds. The expenses are likely to vary due to factors such as the traveling distance and household size.

When planning a cross-state move project, it’s better to plan your budget and create a timeline. For instance, if you plan to move within the next six months and the average moving cost is $3,500, you should save up to $600 each month.

Additional Expenses

Moving with families and larger households is associated with additional expenses. On the other hand, singles or married couples without kids will have much less stuff to move and won’t have to worry about higher costs. Additional costs you must prepare for include moving and packing supplies, hotels or short-time housing after moving, and travel costs.

Pick a Reputable Moving Company

You can save yourself a lot of money by hiring the right moving company that can coordinate a long-distance move. Most of your financial concerns can be avoided by partnering with experienced residential and commercial movers. A reputable company will have the right resources for a long-distance move.



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