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Eastern Van Lines is proud to provide the best in commercial moving services, and our team of business movers is standing by to help you right now. We’ll work with your business to create a personalized relocation plan that is designed to move all of your company’s assets quickly so that you can continue providing service. Our office movers handle all items with care, and we use the latest practices in commercial moving to shift supplies, including green moving supplies, to safely pack, transport, and even store your belongings. Our goal is to provide the best in commercial moving service, and our team in Orange County, Los Angeles, is standing by to help you right now.

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Keeping Your Business Running

One of the unique challenges to office moving is keeping a business running during the relocation process. We understand that time is of essence, and your customers deserve the best from your company, even during a move. That’s why we’ll work with you to find solutions that allow your important business networks to continue with operations during your relocation. Our commercial moving coordinators work hard each day to design unique solutions for our commercial moving customers, and we are capable of customizing one just for your company’s needs.

Office Moving Service Tips

• Ensure that all employees understand the plan • Setup a service transfer with you utility company • Discuss your new location with any of your vendors • Pack non-essential assets first

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As an agent for National Van Lines, you can count on us for all your long-distance moves!

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There’s a lot of talk about moving places out there and how stressful it is. No doubt moving homes is difficult, but do you know what’s even more difficult? Moving offices.
Commercial moves are very tricky and complicated. They need to be carried out perfectly in order to avoid damage and losses. Eastern Van Lines are commercial movers in Orange County, and we provide excellent commercial moving services in and around Los Angeles. Our movers are professionally trained to keep all your commercial machinery and equipment secure and transport it safely to your desired location. Our business movers have adequate equipment and transportation options of our own to carry and transport even the heaviest of machines.