June 8, 2022

How to Prepare Your Pet for Residential Moving

Though residential moving is exciting, it comes with multiple challenges. Relocating to a new place is usually stressful for pets too. So preparing your pet for the move ahead of time is better. This blog post will cover essential tips you must follow to prepare your pet for the move.

Preparing Before the Moving Day

When packing your stuff, organize all moving boxes in one room to prevent your pet from chewing and scratching them. Make sure you pack all your pet’s essentials in a clear, labeled bag. Carry this bag with you on the moving day and the following day. Pet items you must pack include food, some favorite toys to keep them busy, a litter box and scooper, poop bags, a leash, water bowls, and a blanket.

To prepare your cat, introduce them to their carrier bag by putting treats and a blanket inside. To prevent your cat from panicking during travel, consult with their vet and give a safe medicine to help them relax.

On the other hand, dogs prefer staying in smaller spaces. Before moving, take them for a walk in the new neighborhood and the house. Since dogs have a strong sense of smell, introduce them to the home’s most familiar smells.

Schedule a Visit to the Vet

Make sure you take your pet to the vet before the move so they can provide the necessary documents and medical records you may need. They will also refill the required medications and perform a quick checkup to ensure they’re healthy.

Since most states require your pet’s certificate of veterinary inspection, make sure you have one of those. If you fail to arrange the certificate, your pet may not be allowed to move to another state.

Moving Day

Ask a friend to look after your pet till you’re done moving. But if it’s not possible, empty a bedroom for them on another floor and close the door. Make sure you put them in a room with a safe temperature and food and clean water. Regularly check on them and take them out for a walk whenever possible.

Settling In

Adjusting to a new place can be challenging for some pets, especially cats. The best way to get them used to their new home is to maintain regular mealtime and bedtime routines. Assign a place for their bed, litter boxes, and water and food bowls.


Take them on a little house tour to familiarize themselves with all the rooms and smells. Though settling in may take time, following these guidelines will ensure your pet adjusts smoothly.

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